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CO2O Advocates the best practice for solar power plants

The asset management perspective seems to be lacking in Japanese market.With wide experience in power plant evaluation,CO2O is formulating new best practice guidelines.

Big Fund Investors Look to Guideline Formulation with ISO Criterion

The Japanese PV industry must now take a long-term perspective as the country seeks to adopt solar energy as a stable and permanent source of power. One factor that impedes progress is the management risk caused by defects in construction. With the experience of over 2.1 GW evaluation diagnosis and management of power plants, the president of CO2O, Masayuki Sakai, says, “Operations and maintenance (O & M) with asset management (AM) is imperative from now on.”

Of course, PV guidelines have existed before. However, they lacked the viewpoints provided by management or asset management. Big financial institutions, investors, all domestic quoted infrastructure fund investors and audit corporations have responded to the call from CO2O. They plan to formulate new management guidelines that incorporate existing procedures sometime in 2019. However, since cultures and philosophies differ among companies and time is short, it is unrealistic for a lone party to build best practices for the speedy commercialization of PV. Considering this dilemma,  the way forward might be to base guidelines on the international standard ISO55001 (JIS Q 55001) for asset management.


2019-06-27 | O & M, | Technology

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